BEST Way to run Instagram ads in 2023



BEST Way to  run Instagram ads in 2023

if you've ever  run Instagram ads and it  didn't go so well it's probably because  you were just blending in with every  other Advertiser with no real strategy  before you do that did you know that  there's a better way to run Instagram  ads that are going to get you much more  profitable long-term results and spend  way less of your money well I found it  and in this post I'm going to break  down my exact strategy.

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So you can get  your results from this to this using  just one ad type in a very affordable  budget and the reason this ad strategy  works so well is because it plays into  actual human psychology and known buying  Behavior  the big mistake that most small  businesses make when it comes to  advertising on Instagram is they run an  ad to a cold audience who doesn't know  them yet asking for a sale or for their  email address but

the problem is buying  decisions just aren't made that quickly  so you end up spending a lot to  advertise to people who just aren't  worth the money because they aren't  ready to buy yet they're not warmed up  to you as a business yet so how can we  reach those same people for a lot less  money that's what this video is all  about I call it the omnipresent reels  strategy omnipresent just means showing  up over and over again in

a smart  sequence of ads that consistently put  you in front of your target audience  more often than your competition and it  mimics the way people might naturally  find you online gradually getting to  know like and trust you this sequence  just puts it all on hyperdrive helping  quickly move people from never heard of  you before all the way through I'm ready  to take my money now Meanwhile your  competition will just fall

away into the  sea of mediocre Instagram advertisers  banging their heads on the propeller of  negative Roi and this strategy works  best using the Instagram reels ad  placement it's where the most eyeballs  are on the platform right now since it's  what Instagram's pushing the most  they're no longer an image sharing app  they're in this short form video  business and they want you to be making  reels so if you give them

what they want  they'll reward you with more views for  less money now this is a two-phase  strategy so phase one involves just a  single specific real ad designed to  attract your ideal customers and then  phase two involves a specific variety of  reels each created to hit on a different  psychological trigger that all add up to  your prospects feeling like they know  you and what you can do for them so this  works dramatically

better than just  throwing out a single ad asking for a  sale and just hoping it hits because it  never does does so let's jump right into  phase one where we'll create what I call  your magnet ad so this ad shouldn't even  remotely resemble an ad okay it isn't  going to mention your business or your  paid services at all the only goal of  this reel is

to attract the right people  who would be perfect customers and get  them to watch at least part of your  video and to get everyone else to just  swipe on past and the way you're going  to do this is to Simply create a really  short clip that's closely related to  your business Niche that either informs  or inspires on that topic then the idea  is anyone who's interested enough to  watch it would likely be your perfect  customer so

what could this video be  about first of all you don't need to  dance or point or dance and point or  follow any of the latest trends from  Tick Tock in fact I would definitely  advise against going with anything  trendy because those Trends change all  the time and the beauty of this strategy  is however green it's designed to be so  you should be able to create the  sequence just once and have it last you  for a year or more and in

case you're  stuck for ideas here a great all-purpose  prompt for your reel would be to think  of your ideal customer's biggest problem  or stumbling block that's in their way  right now then just make a short video  giving them the one piece of advice or  the three tips or the truth behind the  common myth that's standing in their way  the idea is you're inspiring them that  what they want is possible and maybe  you're even giving

them a shortcut to a  quick win that they can achieve on their  own for instance if you're a window  cleaning company you might start out  saying something like if you can't keep  the outsides of your second story  windows clean here's a secret trick you  can use then you'd simply teach them the  trick or the three tips or give them the  best expert advice on your subject now  this is the part I always get the most  questions about in the

comments so come  back to me here you're going to want to  choose the engagement objective at the  can campaign level then when you get to  the ad set level they're going to ask  you to set your conversion location  you'll choose on your ad and then under  engagement type you'll choose video  views then when it comes to budget I  recommend starting out setting this  right around 10 or so this is going to  be enough to

start building your custom  audience of your best customer matches  so who will you show your phase one  magnet ad to generally speaking the more  wide open you can leave your targeting  the more leeway you're giving Facebook  to put its algorithm to good use and  spoiler alert the Facebook algorithm is  smarter than any human brain could ever  hope to be so trust it to work out for  itself who your best prospects would be  the only reason you might want to narrow  it down is if you're a local business in 

which case you'll specify the geographic  area you want your ads to show in or if  you're a super Niche business like if  only hair stylists or classic car  collectors would be interested in what  you have to offer in that that case you  might want to apply a very basic  interest targeting option but easy does  it here you definitely don't want to get  too granular and restrict that algorithm  from doing its thing we want big  audiences for

phase one so now that our  phase one magnet ads are running  attracting new prospects to your  business every single day it's time for  phase two and here's where things get  really interesting because phase two  involves 10 different reels ads that  each satisfy a specific objective it'll  be shown to your prospects in a repeated  rotation so you show

up in front of your  audience on a set schedule of two ads  per day now if that sounds like a lot or  if you're confused at all by it don't  worry I'm about to explain everything so  let's start off with the ads themselves  that I recommend you create and keep in  mind these should all be very short they  can be up to 90 seconds long but  honestly I'd keep them anywhere from 30  to 60 seconds if you can so we're not  talking about producing

10 big big long  videos here if they're simple they're  short and you can do this I promise okay  so here are the different ad types that  you'll need so first you should start  with two helpful tips or how to style  videos these are all just about  delivering even more value to your  custom ad audience so they're pretty  much in the same style as your magnet ad  each delivering a quick tip or two orb  action steps it'll help them get a 

result that they're after and for extra  bonus points here if you happen to have  any clips of you delivering these tips  from a stage or during a podcast where  you were interviewed as an expert guest  anything that puts you in the spotlight  as the expert by all means use that next  you want to create two advice Style  videos so these are a little different  because you're not giving Specific  Instructions you're just giving them  your

two cents you know the same kind of  advice you'd find yourself giving to  your customers or clients all the time  just keep it to one piece of advice in  each video to make them super super  simple and really easy to understand  next you want to create one  inspirational video so this is where you  essentially let them know what's  possible

like if you're an accountant  you might talk about how structuring  your business as an S corp can save you  a bunch on taxes and help you finally  become profitable you're not telling  them how to set it up that way you're  just painting the mental picture of what  that could look like afterwards next up  we have the hot take ad so in this short  video you're just going to talk about a  belief you have or an opinion that your  best customers

would likely agree with  in my case I made a video saying that  social media is not the new website and  I just explained why I thought that  right and everyone who already agrees  how important the website is to their  business feels like I get them and  everyone who thinks social media is more  important than a website just isn't a  good fit for what I'm selling anyway so  this is really designed to pull people  one way or the

other on you which is a  good thing you're not for everyone and  by declaring what you are for your  people will feel that much more liked  your for them next up we have two ads I  call them exhibits A and B so these are  essentially proof that what you offer  works and that it gets results so there  are a few different ways you could do  this you

can show a video testimonial  from a customer or you can show a case  study where you explain the results you  got for someone just go with whatever  will work best for your business and  with what you've got next is what I call  the coffee date ad so this is where you  ask them for a small commitment and to  meet you somewhere off of Instagram like  your website or your blog or listen to  your podcast or watch your YouTube video 

so the idea here is that you're making a  smaller ask before you make a bigger one  it's like asking someone out to coffee  before you hit them up with a full-blown  dinner invitation because once someone's  already made a smaller commitment like  clicking a link to go to your website  they're much more likely to say yes to  you again when the ask is bigger like  scheduling a consultation with you or  paying for your core service and

finally  here's where all this work actually  turns into profit with your offer they  can't refuse at all you need to do here  is decide on one clear irresistible  offer that's designed to get a new  customer in the door for the first time  this can be a free consultation call or  a free month's worth of your service as  a trial or even a really good discount  or add-

on it can even be a free lead  magnet piece of content that people sign  up for to get onto your email list so  just decide on that offer then let  people know about it in another real  style ad so you want to be crystal clear  about what the offer is offer a good  solid benefit they'll get out of it and  finally tell them exactly how to get it  which would usually be to click the link  at the bottom of the screen so those are  the ads

themselves and you'll want to  run them under the awareness objective  because you want everyone who watch your  magnet ad to be seeing these and to make  sure that happens under the audience  you'll just click create new then custom  audience under meta sources you'll  choose video then click next then choose  people who viewed at

least three seconds  then you'll just choose the right video  which should be the one you used for  your magnet ad then under retention I'd  set that to 90 days so this will make  sure that people stay in your audience  long enough to either convert or show  that they're just not interested and it  keeps your audience large enough to make  sure that

your ads actually show because  a big reason why ads don't show at all  is usually because the audience just  isn't big enough and 90 days is also  short enough to ensure that your  audience is continually refreshing  itself right old ones are moving out new  ones are moving in so you won't run into  ad fatigue or have to change your ads  out then under placements choose manual  then go down and make sure only  Instagram

reels and Facebook reels are  selected you yep we're going to be  choosing Facebook here too because it's  good for some extra reach now you could  also check stories here too that's your  choice if you want to open up even more  inventory for your ads to run on but  everything else here should remain  unchecked and what we want is for this 

audience to see two of your ads every  day for the length of the campaign in a  rolling randomized sequence so you stay  in front of them but they don't get  bored seeing the same ad or two over and  over again so the way will ensure that  they see all of them more or less  equally is you want each ad to be in its  own ad set and here's the important part  it's a little hidden So within the ad  set level go down to where it says 

optimization and delivery then click on  show more options then set the frequency  cap to one impression every five days  that means each ad will only show every  five days which will average out to your  audience seeing two ads from you every  single day and I usually like to start  each ad set out at one dollar per day so  between these 10 ads plus

the magnet ad  from phase one you're looking at  spending twenty dollars per day or only  six hundred dollars per month and when  it comes to running Instagram and  Facebook ads the best thing you can do  is just steal from what the experts are  already doing in addition to this  strategy there are quite a few more  tricks I got on my sleeve

that you can  find out to really up your Instagram ad  game for 2023 so I even got some of my  marketing expert friends together for  this video where you can see exactly  what's working in Instagram and Facebook  ads right now so click here you  definitely don't want to miss any of  these tips    

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