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What is Facebook Public group?

A Facebook Public group is a type of group on the social media platform Facebook that is open to anyone to join and participate in. Anyone can see the group's content and members, and anyone can join without needing approval from an administrator. Public groups can be used for a variety of purposes, such as discussing a particular topic, sharing information, or organizing events.

Why Facebook auto approval group need?

Auto-approval groups on Facebook are groups that automatically approve new members as soon as they request to join, without the need for manual approval from an administrator. These types of groups can be useful in situations where the group's purpose is to share information or resources with a large number of people, and where the group's administrators do not have the time or resources to manually approve each new member. Additionally, auto-approval groups can help to ensure that new members have access to the group's content and resources as quickly as possible.

How to share Facebook post to multiple groups?

There are a few ways to share a Facebook post to multiple groups at once:

1.     Use the "Share to Groups" feature: When you create a post on Facebook, you can use the "Share to Groups" feature to select multiple groups to share the post to.

2.     Use a Facebook Group Management tool: There are third-party tools available that allow you to manage multiple Facebook groups at once, and these tools often include the ability to share a post to multiple groups at once.

3.     Use a Facebook Group Auto Poster: There are also third-party tools available that allow you to schedule and post automatically to multiple groups at once.

4.     Share the post in one group and then share the post again by clicking on "Share" button on the same post in another group. Keep repeating the process to share the post to multiple groups.

Please Note: Facebook has certain policies and terms of services, Using third party tools may violate those and get your account blocked or banned.

Top 10 Facebook Groups In USA

1.     Alabama Swap Shop

2.     Home Sweet Home Resale Mobile Alabama

3.     Alabama Aviation & Technical College (AATC)

4.     University of Alabama (UA) Rideshare Group!

5.     FC Alabama Camp

6.     ALABAMA Fans!

7.     Haleyville Alabama 9-1-1 Festival

8.     City of Mobile, Alabama

9.     Vinyl Hoarders United.

10. Aussie ROCK Music



Finally, you got your Facebook public group list based on USA. I hope you will be benefited from those group lists. Please share the post with your friends also.

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