How much money can you earn on Instagram?

 The amount of money you can make on Instagram depends on several factors, including your number of followers, engagement rate, and the monetization methods you choose.

·       If you have a large and engaged following, you can potentially make a significant amount of money through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, product sales, and brand partnerships. Some influencers with millions of followers are able to charge thousands of dollars for a single sponsored post, while others with smaller followings may only make a few hundred dollars per post.

·       For affiliate marketing, the amount you can make will depend on the commission rate of the products you're promoting and the number of sales you make.

·       Selling your own products or services on Instagram can also be a profitable way to monetize your account. The revenue you make will depend on the price and demand for your products or services.

It's also important to note that your earning potential will be influenced by how much time and effort you put into creating and promoting your content, building relationships with brands, and growing your following.

How to Make Money on Instagram

How much money can you earn on Instagram?

How much money can you earn on Instagram?

Here’s how much some creators and celebs have reportedly cashed in:

$901: The average amount of money an Instagram influencer with 1,000 to 10,000 followers can make per post, according to Business Insider

$100 to $1,500: How much a creator can be paid for a swipe-up advertisement on their Instagram stories according to Brian Hanly, CEO of Bullish Studio (a talent agency for influencers)

$983,100: The amount Kylie Jenner reportedly makes per ad or sponsored content post

$1,604,000: The amount Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly makes per post

In 2022, Hype Auditor surveyed almost 2 thousand influencers (most based in the U.S.) about how much money they make. Here’s what they found:


1.     The average influencer makes $2,970 per month. “Average” numbers aren’t the best to go by, since there’s so much differentiation between the highs and lows—as is referenced in the next stat!

2.     Micro-influencers (accounts with one thousand to ten thousand followers earn on average $1,420 per month, and mega-influencers (accounts with over one million followers) earn about $15,356 per month.

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